Subdomain Finder

Welcome to Subdomain Finder! This tool serves the primary function of assisting you in searching for and identifying subdomains associated with the list of domains you input. Subdomains are segments of a domain that can hold significance in various contexts, including IT security and penetration testing.

An essential aspect of this tool is its ability to query public sources of SSL certificates. In many cases, subdomains are registered within SSL certificates issued for the main domain. These subdomains might encompass IP addresses or additional services linked to the main domain.

To use this tool, simply input the list of domains you wish to examine. Ensure each domain is separated by a new line. Upon submitting your request, the tool will conduct a search and display the successfully discovered subdomains. The results will be presented in an easily readable tabular format.

In addition to displaying results within a table, this tool provides an option to download results in text (TXT) format. This offers added flexibility for you to save or analyze results further without having to continuously interact with this web page.

This tool is not intended for use with malicious or illegal intent. Please use this tool ethically and respect the privacy and security of the domains you examine. Remember that collecting information without permission from domains you don't own may violate laws or policies. Ensure you have the necessary permissions or legal rights before utilizing this tool.